Commercial Warranty Policy

Last Updated: 2019



Applies to domestic shipments of signs used within the 50 U.S. States and Canada


Safe Arrival Guarantee


Antigo Zeon will replace or repair any sign received in non-working condition per the terms & conditions below. Customer must call Antigo Zeon at 1-800-349-6366, or email, within 2 business days for instructions if sign is damaged or fails the illumination test.

Terms & Conditions

Antigo Zeon warrants its illuminated signs against shipping damage reported within 2 business days of delivery to first end user/customer-specified delivery address, as indicated by delivery records of shipping carrier. Unless product re-shipping is approved by Antigo Zeon in advance with an Antigo Zeon approved carrier, Antigo Zeon has no responsibility for breakage or damage due to subsequent shipment(s), e.g.: in the event that the customer re-ships product to another address. Customer is responsible for testing sign in accordance with instructions printed on shipping carton before unpacking sign. Breaking the warranty seal, if present, voids this shipping warranty. Customer must save all packaging material to support claims against shipping carrier until instructed otherwise by Antigo Zeon. Antigo Zeon’s responsibility under this Safe Arrival Guarantee is limited to repair or replacement of nonfunctional signs, at its sole discretion. Under most circumstances, Antigo Zeon will pay freight costs to return defective signs to its plant and reship functional signs to end users. Antigo Zeon will not be liable for incidental or consequential damages as a result of shipping damage, including loss or delays of business.

One Year Limited Warranty


Antigo Zeon will repair or replace, any defective component/assembly/product during the warranty period of one year, per the below terms & conditions. Customer must call Antigo Zeon at 1-800-349-6366, or email, for warranty service. Please have a full description of the sign and date code available for customer service.

Terms & Conditions

After safe arrival to first end user/customer-specified delivery address, Antigo Zeon warrants its products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from date of manufacture, with the exception of fluorescent bulbs.

This warranty does not cover breakage, misuse or abuse, unauthorized repair, alteration or disassembly by unauthorized personnel, or operation with improper voltage or current (including power surges and lightning strikes). This warranty does not cover shrinkage, cracking, warping, discoloration, or other cosmetic flaws that may occur in natural/organic components (such as wood face panels or veneers) due to environmental and geographic variations in humidity, direct sunlight (UV), and ambient temperature. Replacement or repair of any component does not extend the warranty period of the sign.

The repair or modification of Antigo Zeon products by any person other than its own employees or a qualified third-party service provider is prohibited. A qualified service provider is defined as a company whose primary business is the fabrication, installation, and servicing of neon or other illuminated signs. Antigo Zeon reserves the right to determine the qualification of any service provider to service its signs. Failure to abide by this policy voids all warranties. Antigo Zeon takes no responsibility and assumes no liability for safety hazards created by violation of this policy which may result in damage to signs or property, or personal injury.

Unauthorized repair does not apply to components intended to be replaceable by the end user, such as fluorescent lamps (bulbs).