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LEON™ Sign in Bar

This LEON™ sign for 10 Barrel Brewing is placed next to taps in a bar, ensuring 10 Barrel is top of mind when customers choose their next beer.

pole display in grocery store

This versatile, rotating pole display for Deep Ellum Brewing is being used as part of a grocery store display to ensure maximum visibility.

New Belgium Neon Sign in Liquor Store Display

neon sign in Liquor store

This neon sign for New Belgium Brewing extends the visibility of their store display beyond the aisle. Shown vertically stacked but can also be stacked horizontally.

Neon sign IN Dispensary

This neon sign for Cheeba Chews is placed above products in a dispensary to increase brand visibility and recognition.

Neon Sign in restaurant bar

This Lagunitas IPA neon sign is front and center, visible from every part of the bar to ensure maximum influence.

neon sign in TAPROOM

This neon sign for Summit Brewing is placed behind the bar, ensuring maximum visibility when customers go to order.

pole display in liquor store

This rotating pole display for Deep Ellum brings maximum attention to their case display and can be used along with smaller, seasonal pieces like the flyer shown here.

neon and leon™ signs in convenience store

These various neon and LEON™ signs ensure these brands are top of mind when customers run in to grab a 6-pack.

led sign and pole display in liquor store

Both the pole display for Avery and the Upslope LED placed on a pole are effectively increasing visibility for these brands while distinguishing their products from the sea of case stacks.


This neon sign for Deep Ellum's Dallas Blonde is being used here as part of a seasonal holiday display.

neon, LEON and LED signs in bar

These various Neon, LEON, and LED signs in this bar help establish brand presence and drive sales through brand recognition.

Neon sign in dispensary

While your dispensary products may blend into the shadows on a shelf, this neon sign for Vibes cannot be missed, ensuring their products are considered.

leon™ signs in frozen yogurt shop

These LEON™ signs for Menchie's do a fantastic job of capturing customers' attention from outside of the shop while communicating offerings and availability.

neon sign in outdoor retail store

This neon sign for Mathews Archery makes it easy for customers to find their products in stores, and helps them stand out to browsers.

beer display in liquor store

This wood and metal display for Oskar Blues distinguishes their cans from the competition and adds an additional placement within the store.

Pole display in liquor store

This Great Divide pole display draws attention to their cases in the store, while the attached chalkboard allows for custom, seasonal, and promotional messaging.

Dimensional LED sign in bar

This dimensional LED sign for Odell IPA is placed right behind the bar, reminding customers of this awesome beer right when they are deciding what to order.

Neon sign in bar

This iconic neon sign for Miller Lite instantly registers with customers when they go to order a drink.