How To Right-Size Your POS Marketing Orders

In today’s evolving craft beer climate, it’s more important than ever to not over-spend. This does not mean stop spending, but instead make sure you are right-sizing your orders (ordering just what you need and not more).  At Antigo Zeon, we help and encourage breweries to right-size their POS marketing orders.

Why is right-sizing so important?

  • The industry is changing quickly. While your focus beer or branding may be awesome, breweries need to be able to adapt to a rapidly changing environment, which includes your POS marketing.
  • Your core IPA could be your focus now, but in six months you may have a different kick-ass product that needs attention. If you did not right-size your initial order, you may be stuck with inventory that is no longer relevant.
  • By right-sizing your orders, you have budget available for more projects down the road.

How to right-size:

  • Do your homework. When deciding on order quantities, don’t just ballpark it. Go through ALL your accounts and get a realistic number of how many points of distribution you have to display your POS products.
  • Check with your distributors. They may have specific needs or insights you haven’t considered.
  • Plan ahead. What products do you need to highlight when? What’s in the pipeline?
  • Work with the right vendor. Minimum order quantities, long lead times, high set-up costs and limited product assortments are all things that could hold you back from the perfectly right-sized order.

How to choose a POS marketing vendor:

Once you have your right-size figured out, you need a company that can make it happen. When it comes to POS companies, there is no other company better-equipped to help you achieve this than Antigo Zeon.

Here’s why:

  • No minimum quantities. Just need 25 signs? No problem. We’re set up to produce products from 1 to 1 million units, and unlike other companies, we do not add unnecessary up-charges for low-unit orders.
  • We can design to your price point. Our large assortment of products and materials, coupled with our talented design team, allow us to design a sign to your particular price point. You determine the price and quantity, and we provide the perfect solution.
  • Quick turnaround. We have options that can be done in just 4-8 weeks, allowing you to change up your messaging whenever you need to.
  • We’re on your team. Your success is our success. We don’t want you to over-spend. We want to help you be strategic and thrive for years to come.

Have any questions? Need advice? We’re here for you!

You can reach us via our Contact Page, or browse our Inspiration pages to get some ideas flowing!



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