OG look of Neon with the newest, energy efficient LED technology.Ultra bright and easy to ship.

Love the look of Neon, but prefer LEDs or want more durable materials of  over glass? Meet LEON™! 

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LEON™ signs use siliconized molded tubing and LED lights to mimic the look of neon. Can be combined with illuminated, printed panels to create almost any design one could desire. Or add animation to get even more attention.


  •  Outward-facing windows
  • Interior walls
  • Can be made small/mini for back bars and countertops
  • Directly above a cooler
  • Great showpiece as part of a store display


The majority of our LEON™ signs range from $85 to $250 per sign, depending on the specs and quantity ordered.


Durable plastic designs that easily stand up to the rigors of ground shipping, LEON™ signs can last anywhere from 5 to 10+ years depending on how long they are left on.