Darin McGregor

The Global Supply Chain Mess: Current Challenges with ordering overseas goods and tips to minimize the impact

The global supply chain is a total mess mostly due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic that has now lasted nearly two years. Many overseas goods are now in short supply and orders are slow to reach the customers and businesses that need them. There have been unprecedented delays as the pandemic has rippled through every link of the modern system of manufacturing and moving goods across the globe. Container shortages, too few cargo vessels, not enough space at the ports, labor shortages and too few trucks and truckdrivers rumbling down American highways are just some of the obstacles causing huge backups and empty shelves. Along with delays there are cost increases at every level making many items more and more costly by the day. In this blog we will provide a frank assessment of some of the causes of this evolving situation and some tips on how to prevent this historical crunch from disrupting your business and your plans for the future.

Marketing Teamwork: How to Engage Your Wholesalers in Brand Building

Brand building and marketing that will help your brewery STAND OUT and SELL MORE is not a solo endeavor. It requires teamwork. To catch the attention of the consumer and build a fan base requires sustained, coordinated efforts by your sales and marketing team, your distributor/ wholesaler, and the retail accounts where your beer is …

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